20 Jan 2010

No title

Inner peace a sacred gift
I long for you to own,
that you may escape
the constant shakes
to which you are quite prone.

Oh that I were one with power
to take your pain away,
I'd leave you feeling calm inside
until the judgement day.

I hate to see you hurting
it cuts me to the core,
for I am not, one who can fix
or mend your open sore.

But you my friend
can help yourself
by calling on Him above,
to release you from the ache inside
with His infinite power and love.

Every feeling of anger or guilt
he suffered them all for you,
this knowledge embrace, go forward in faith
and learn for yourself it is true.

No title

Anger, depression, guilt and pain
are some of the reasons Jesus came.
He knew that you would suffer these
and so He pleaded upon His knees,
Let this cup from me now pass
yet if it be Thy will I'll sup alas.
And so it was your Saviour came
to drink and rid you of


One man shouted crucify
and so our Lord did for us die.
He gave His life that we might live
He gave us all that He could give.

Jesus rose up from the tomb,
Mary saw the empty room.
The resurrected Lord is near
to ease our burdens, take our fear.

To Him I owe my every breath,
without Him I would end at death.
He took upon him every sin
so we could feel whole within.

This sacred act I will accept
and still forever be in debt,
for this great man did for me die
when another shouted 'crucify'.


She wrote so many poems
each for a different reason
she wrote about her faith
and for her 7 children.

What an inspiration
shes the one that keeps me going,
although she isn't here
and she can not see me growing.

I wish that she was with us
so I could show her who I am,
I'd love to share my thoughts with her
my wonderful, faithful, Nan.

No title

How could I not notice
how could I not care
why was i out playing
when mum needed someone there?

All she had to go through
the nights of comforting him.
All this she had to go through
then lose him in the end.

How I wish that I was older
so that i could understand,
or even just be there
to hold my mothers shaking hand.

Not until I've married
will i ever comprehend,
all she had to go through
then lose him in the end.

Mike x

His days were up
he knew it well
but it took two years
for me to tell
as time went on
he faded fast
before he knew it
two years had past
we received many hugs
and presents too
what was the reason
i didn't have a clue
enjoying the moment
i couldn't understand
why mike had to leave
this earthly land
my mothers heartache
i couldn't understand
how could i be there
to hold her hand
the 14Th of February
yes valentines day
was the date my step dad
passed away

Lyrics to As Sisters In Zion

The people in Redruth are all very busy
with lessons and meetings and social nights too.
We need to be eagar in spreading the message
so brothers and sisters you know what to do.

Go talk with your neighbours your family and friends
invite them to nights where the spirit attends.
As we do this work we'll be blessed beyond measure
what more can we ask from our saviour our friend.

The joy is tremendous so please go and try this
we know that the Lords there to help us get through.
It may not be easy but it will be woth it
just think of the blessings that now await you!


My Saviour my Redeemer
my loving friend so dear,
throughout my life you've shown me
comfort, peace and cheer.

To thee I'm ever grateful
the words can not explain,
the things i feel within my heart
when i ponder of your pain.

I know you came to die for me
you're the only one that could,
your body battered, bruised and beat
they nailed you to the wood.

Before that in the garden
which we call Gethsemane,
you took upon yourself all sin
that man could become free.

Risen from your wounded state
you proved to all new life,
each will be resurrected
despite our pain and strife.

My destination, eternal life
to live with my family and thee,
I know that this is possible
through your pain in Gethsemane.

Lyrics to Ye Elders Of Israel

The brethren in Redruth are thin on the ground
eternal companions can never be found.
The ones up in Plymouth are too far away
and down here in Cornwall they all go astray.

Oh brethren Oh brethren where can i find
a righteous companion to marry for all time.

The sister in Redruth are thin and their kind
so if you don't choose one your out of your mind.
They're righteous they're loving and waiting for you
so run down to Cornwall and form a big queue.

Oh sisters Oh sisters they're heading our way
I hope they don't pass us quick kneel down and pray.

Lyrics to In Our Lovely Deseret

In our tiny Redruth ward
we have Elders that are short,
they go out to teach the gospel to mankind.
You can see them everyday,
on their bikes along the way,
you can tell they have the gospel on their mind.

Look Look Look its the elders
knocking every door in sight.
They are looking kind of thin
so we must invite them in,
they'll be coming round to our for tea tonight!

Lyrics to Teach Me To Walk In The Light!

Teach me to date as an LDS does,
Teach me to find someone and fall in love.
Teach me to do all this before i die.
Teach me, teach me, to choose the right guy!

Come worthy men cause I know you're out there,
I've all this love and I'm willing to share.
I know you're lonely but too scared to date
trust me and love me I'll be your soul mate.

Father in heaven I pray now to thee,
loving and righteous I'm trying to be.
Send me a guy who believes in thy plan,
please Lord, I'm begging, just send me a man!

Reading (Lyrics)

we're driving up to Reading
4 hours in the car
some people say we're crazy
for a dance that's just to far

We have to make an effort
if we want to find 'the one'
plus travelling in a car full
makes the journey much more fun

we go to meet new people
and catch up with old mates
we have a laugh we have a dance
then come home really late

we've spent some time together
new friendships have been made
we'll meet again this time next month
to ensure these bonds don't fade


It's hard when you are young
and someone dear passes away,
you wish somehow that God would just
grant them another day.
As you try to understand
why this sad thing has to happen
your mind gets all confused
about the great plan of salvation.
And then you start to question
why it has to be that way,
now your heart is filled with love
as you hear your father say,
My child I love you dearly
and I love your Nana too,
shes resting here with me a while,
is that OK with you?
I promise you can see her
when your life on earth is through,
just follow my commandments
and she'll be sealed to you.
There isn't room upon the earth
for everyone to stay,
so ill look after your Nana
until the judgement day.
Don't let your mind be troubled
feel peace within your heart,
do all you can upon this land
and you and your Nana will never be apart.

No title

I have this burning question
deep within my heart
but I'm too scared to ask it
incase we tare apart.
Now this awkward silence
drifts amid the air
before I voice my question
into your listening ear.
Do you really love me
or is this for you a game?
I feel like you regret it
and don't want me to stay.
Could you live without me
and get from day to day
am I just a burden
whose always in the way?
I'm hoping that you love me
and want me by your side
but i think i know the answer
from which Ive tried to hide.

No title

How can i help him, what can i do?
A child of God who looks so blue.
He enters work i greet him hello
he gives a nod with his head hung low
My heart goes out to this troubled soul
how do I help him to feel whole?
A part of his life has been taken away
It's not his fault, theres no one to blame
it's natural it happens every single day
somebody old passes away

No title

If only I could help him
and know just what to say.
If only i could wash the tears
that are falling from his face.

He needs some arms around him,
he needs someone to say,
we love you and are here for you
please don't go astray.

I pray that I can find the words
to help and comfort him,
for he's a child of God whose now
crying from within.

My heart begins to ache
for my words he can not hear.
I need to share this message
so he gets it loud and clear.

Our Heavenly Father loves you
He knows how you think and feel.
If you turn to him in prayer
I'm sure he will help you heal.

Long distance

To you I write
with all my heart
in hope that we
will never part
we'll keep in touch
for one day soon
I'll meet you under
a glowing moon
the sky will be clear
the stars will shine
I'll hold you tight
knowing you are mind
until that day
I'll dream of this
and send my letters
with a Hershey kiss

No title

It's hard to believe you like me,
It's hard to believe you care.
No one else has ever been interested,
no one else has ever been there.
Some days I've felt real lonely,
despondent and so blue
but patiently I waited
and finally found you.
If life should start again now
I'd do it all the same,
for after all the waiting
I know you're there to gain.

19 Jan 2010

Lesson 1 Restoration

In times long past
when this earth began
there was a prophet
in the land.

God chose a man
to hold His keys
who would obey
and work to please.

Many prophets
since that day
have come and gone
along their way.

Until the time
God sent His Son
Even Jesus Christ
His begotten one.

Good works He did
a church he built
then on the cross
His heart was stilled.

His disciples
in the land
spread the gospel
to every man.

Power they held
from Him above
they served him well
and out of love.

Each one was killed
and scattered before
this power taken
from the earth once more.

No prophets in
the land right now
the bible of
this story tells.

A time of wondering
in dark abyss
until the light
of Joseph Smith.

In 1820
he sought the truth
in a grove he prayed
with the faith of a youth.

A pillar of light
upon him fell
a grand experience
he starts to tell.

The Father and Son
before his eyes
taught him truth
for he was wise.

Full of hope
and answered prayer
he ran to all
this experience to share.

Most didn't believe
and mocked him to death
as a martyr he took
his final breath.

some did believe
and this church lives on
though the 1st prophet
of this time has gone.

The keys were passed
before he died
we have a prophet
to lead and guide.

With all my heart
i know it's true
and through a simple prayer
so can you.

Preach My Gospel

Preach unto my children
and tell them of my love,
teach them the plan of salvation
and how they can be heirs above.

Preach faith, repentance and baptism
for this is the only way,
that they can enter the heavens
and always in my embrace stay.

Please tell my children I love them
before i send you my son,
that they at the last day won't perish
but with me and thee, be one.

Perfect Man

Through this perfect mans Atonement
I can live with them again,
If I accept His suffering
and acknowledge all His pain.

My family can be sealed
in a place where times not kept,
because this perfect man fell
and in His garden wept.

To Him I'm ever thankful
I'll do the best I can
but will always be indebted
to this humble perfect man.

18 Jan 2010

Letter 2

You placed a smile upon my face
today when i opened the post.
My heart was full when I read your hymn
85 the one you love the most.
The words within that beautiful hymn
have helped me to understand,
that Christ our Lord is over all
with His omnipotent hand.

Letter 1

You've made my heart much lighter
you letter: inspiration from God,
It gave me hope and filled me
with patience, charity and love.
I'll hold my head up higher
as I serve our Heavenly King,
knowing I've friends to support me
Helps to master hard feelings within.

My Zone Leader

What an amazing example
you are to all around,
people love and trust you
in you a friend they've found.

Because you stop and listen
when anothers feeling down,
you uplift and encourage
you pick them from the ground.

you act just like our Saviour
showing unconditional love,
I'm sure you will be welcomed
in His royal courts above.

He lives

He lives like you and I do
but no longer dwells on earth,
His home is in the heavens
He is one of royal birth.

He descended for a season
with many works to do,
He build a church, He healed the sick
then died for me and you.

He rose up on the 3rd day
it's not hard to comprehend,
His words are even written
that we may heal and mend.

Jesus Chrsit still lives today
but no longer dwells on earth,
His home is in the heavens
He is one of royal birth.

No title

My heart was heavy
full of grief
until I prayed
for some relief
the spirit swept
my pain away
that I may feel
peace again
the blessings of
a joyful heart
give testimony
that Thou art

Matthew 11:28-30

If ever things get hard for you
remember all He's done,
through Christ our deepest fears
can and will be overcome.

His yoke He says is easy
and His burdens all seem light
come unto Him for peace and rest
when you can not stand nor fight

Learn of Him and listen
to the message that He shares
with which He gives a promise
you can be with him joint heirs

Jesus meek and lowly
has shown each of us the way
take His name upon you
and find comfort through each day

Greenie Struggles

Somehow the awful burden
has been lifted from my soul,
I focused on the Saviour
who i knew could make me whole.

For days and days i struggled
I'd cry for hours on end,
God realised my breaking point
and began to help me mend.

That time was so frustrating
the desire was no more,
to stop a stranger in the street
or knock an unknown door.

But now I'm finally through it
after days of heartfelt prayer,
I can share this truth with everyone
that Gods placed in my care.


Tears of sorrow falling fast
how long will this awful
heartache last?

How many more months
will i cry these tears?
How many more months,
how many more years?

The heavenly virtue
of patience is needed
as i pray for thy will to be done
I will heed it.

Help me to know
or to understand why
i need thee, i need thee
to be near by


Satan desires to have you
but so does your Father above,
which of them will you follow
to whom will you show more love?

Every action points you
the way in which you face
what was your last decisions
was it God you chose to embrace?

When up and down are the options
it doesn't seem so hard,
but in the thick of trials
our minds become quite barred.

It's Satan's attempt to confuse us
that we may slowly sin,
to lose our sight of heaven
and the light that shines within.

Let not your future actions
thrust you to the ground,
rather look toward the heavens
so at the last day
it's there you're found.

No title

Satan says you're ugly
and that is a devilish lie.
His ways are quick and cunning
he is selfish, sick and sly.

He will rub his hands together
if he thinks you're down and beat.
Don't let him bruise your soul
rather trample him under your feet.

God says that you are chosen
one of His very own sons,
and perfect just like Him
one day you may become

You hold the royal priesthood
you're pure and clean inside
worthiness makes you beautiful
people see it in your eyes

No title

Among the many stories
that i read throughout the day
are there any like my life
that i can follow in some way
Has any woman wondered
when or whom she'd wed
did the lonley womans heart ache
did she cry upon her bed
I'd like to read the ending
to know just how i cope
and then maybe i'll find
that needed glimmer of hope

No title

The night was black as we approached the driveway, no light to guide our feet. We shuffled along hoping no obstacles would throw us down. Suddenly a light shone forth, a security beam to alarm thieves. I immediately increased my pace then pondered, oh how Jesus Christ is the light in our lives and those who know him and seek his light increase their pace, maybe because their goal is now lit.


Pressure from the media
pressure from a girl
it's hard to stay so clean
with all the filth thats in the world.

You try to move away from
dodgy music, dodgy friends
the world is getting worse
and you're praying for the end.

When you're young it isnt easy
but you know that being pure
can take you home to live with God
if you will but endure

Turn around

It feels right but you know its wrong
somehow you must learn to fight
all of the urges you have to reject
the spirit that's showing you light

It will not be easy for you to hold on
and walk the path back to God
but only destruction, sorrow and pain
come from letting go of the rod

This is the reason that Jesus came
to lighten the load that you bare
come unto Him I beg you to kneel
and seek Him in earnest prayer

Believe in Him the Son of God
who wrought miracles day after day
accept His atonement into your life
then watch Him show you the way

Imagine our father down on His keens
pleading for you to do right
hoping you'll follow the plan you once chose
that will lead you back into His sight.


When we are down and troubled
when we're at our lowest low,
when all around have failed us
and we've nowhere else to go.

We lean upon the Saviour
our Redeemer Friend and King,
because we often read about
the peace that He can bring.

Through his atoning sacrifice
we may reach a greater height,
for He decended below all things
so He could give us light.

He's been lower than our lowest low
and felt the pain we feel,
which is why its possible
for Him to help us heal.

We just need to accept Him
and seek Him in our prayers,
and after all our struggles
we'll be with Him joint heirs.


Will you love me when i'm old,
when i'm tired and i'm grey?
Will you touch my wrinkled face
in the same loving way?
Will you cope if I don't remember
all that i'm supposed to be?
Will you love me now and forever,
into eternity?

I will love you when you're old and grey
even with your wrinkley smile
I'll love you all my living days
for you make life worthwhile.
I will love you through eternity
you're the only one for me,
cause in your arms im so content
and happy as can be.

4 Jim

As i'm in the mood for poems
this one i write for you
i wish that i could help ya
please tell me what to do

I hate to see you hurting
you're a very special friend
I pray that you can talk to me
i'll help you heal and mend

I want to hear your troubles
coz thats what friends are for
so if you ever need me
come knocking on my door



In and out the shoots of grass
they fly all around the field,
their tiny toes and glowing wings
help others to be healed.
With magic dust the carry around
each and every day
doing good to all mankind
in their own special way.
Now if you chance to meet one
you're as lucky as can be
for faries usually vanish
so no human eye can see!

Celestial room

In this room
I feel secure
i'm safe from harm
there is peace
and I want more

The love and power
within this room
fills my being
I am recharged
I face the world

Time isn't kept
I could stay for hours
In this room
the spirit enters
I am surrounded

I want to return
to this special place
with my family
and in this room
ill be content

There is power
there is peace
there is love
there is joy
In this room


Tranquil, quiet, no evil found
in this white place on holy ground.
People flock to enter in
the door thats closed to every sin.
The tempter can not be inside
to tiptoe around, creep or hide.
this house is God's own dwelling place
where i may feel His warm embrace


He walked upon the boisterous sea
and said to Peter come to me.
As Peter stepped onto the wave
his eyes were fixed his heart was brave.
The feirce winds blew he turned away,
fear crept in and shattered faith
Peter sinking cried O Lord,
save me! Help me climb aboard.
Safe and sound our saviour said,
where was your faith that at first led?

(No title)

Music touches deep inside
and brings the emotion she tries to hide.
Tears wont fall and so she writes,
to release the pain shes had to fight.
Now shes free


17 Jan 2010

(No title)

Putting pen to paper
she writes again
to release the emotions
that still remain.

Sad and alone
she tries not to cry
but she can not control
the aching inside.

Only her Saviour
can understand
she pleads with him
to out stretch His hand.

To heal her heart
to dull the ache
if it by Thy will
this sadness take

16 Jan 2010

Love the sinner, judge not

Love the sinner
not the sin,
seek the light
that shines in him.

Do not judge
or put him down
love him, lift him,
remove his frown.

I know its hard
but you must try
and then the keeper
can let you by.

For you'll be judged
on how you love
each child of God
sent from above.


General Conference Inspiration

Some have lost a loved one,
some are fighting sin,
in which ever way you're afflicted
Jesus says come unto Him.

When wounded by the wayside
feeling bruised, bound and beat,
pray for the strength to o're come it,
let Jesus direct your feet.

Our burdens may not be lifted
in the wisdom of Him up above,
so he lightens our load and we're strengthened
still feeling His power and love.

In times of trial we cry out,
O Lord, please take this from me.
My cry has entered His ears
His pain has now set me free.

My faith has been made stronger,
I know Gods there, He cares.
When i'm on my knees and pleading,
I feel Him answer my prayers.