24 Aug 2010


As i lie listening to the endless splashing of water droplets from way above to the empty streets, not through any man-made device that can mimic the masters creation but the actual creation itself, my mind ponders over your latest well written peice, 'why i love the rain' or 'rain'.

I listen to the 'something' that surrounds me longing to FEEL the power and beauty of this 'common enemy', yet, with my wellies far from me and my warmest coat not nearly waterproof reason forces me to stay only hearing the pounding outside my front door.. it would be foolish at this hour, to stand alone, to feel the wonder of this magical moment.. or would it, I question?

Tonight reason wins..


22 Aug 2010


Looking into your eyes
eyes filled with tears
tears ready to fall
fall upon cheeks
cheeks that are tense
tense from the smile
the smile that follows
follows the feelings
feelings of joy