21 Jun 2010

Fathers Day

Thou art mine,
Oh Father divine.
Thou art above,
so full of love.

Thy care for me,
like the endless sea.
Thy example so pure,
that I feel secure.

I am Thine,
Oh Father divine.
My love I give,
through the life I live.

For others I'll care,
I'll forever be there.
I pledge to stay pure,
as I now endure.

13 Jun 2010


Born on a tuesday
so full of grace,
I love to see
her smiling face.

Shes fun and creative
she bakes cookies and cakes,
I love her soft voice
I'm glad we are mates.

Laura works hard
and revisies a lot,
she thinks she is fat
but of course she is NOT!

A girlie girl
she loves cup cakes and pink,
when boys catch her eye
she gives them a wink. ;)

We all love Laura
she brightens our day,
her smile beams
like a summers ray