30 Aug 2012

Help me help

Help me love and see the good To lift thy children where i should Help me praise and build them all That they may notice where they fall I need they help for I am weak My mortal mind in judgement seeks The unkind word, the worldly deed The sad mistakes the pride and greed All have sinned including I I take this bread to purify I please for grace to save my soul As I work hard on thought control I shall be judged along with friends When mortality finally ends Again I plead for help from thee To calm my mind as thou calmed the sea Open my eyes to all that's good To lift thy children where I should


My nan would write her feelings In this rhyming form of art It seems a family talent A gift God did impart What an inspiration My nan has been to me Can't wait to show her Who I've become When we meet in the eternities I know she'll be so proud As she looks upon my life I'll strive to follow her footsteps A great mother, sister and wife Right now I feel close to her And long to see her face Oh the joy that will be ours Once I have finished the race Our family bond is special My mother, my nan and I Each accepted the gospel And for eternal life strive


If I think about her dying I end up in floods of tears How would I ever cope For the rest of my earthly years She's just one single person Yet she's helped me through so much She has always been beside me With her soft and gentle touch Now I watch her body aching The pain she tries to hide I know she's getting older Time isn't on her side I hope I will be ready When I have to say goodbye But even if I am, I know I'll still break down and cry.

Surfing friend

He often makes me ponder With his deep and spiritual mind This man is very humble And treats everybody kind As he returns home from his day job He likes to spend his time Inside the ocean blue Where his body can unwind He takes a board out with him And is gone for hours on end He rides the flowing movement Created by our friend


Know my saviour loves me That's why he came to earth To help me make it through this life He's been there since my birth Jesus watches over me His spirit guides me through I haveso many blessings I know his love is true Each day I strive to follow The plan god has for me So onedy I will live with him Through all eternity


The time is fast approaching When the tears will run for days Somehow I'll be confused And my mind in one big daze Not knowing who to turn to For comfort or advise The one for that is gone away And I'm left to pay the price I'm left with all the heartache For one that will never return Will I ever see her again... LISTEN my child and learn I hear a voice as clear as day Whispering here's what I have to say Remember the plan of salvation Remember all you've been taught Remember I'll always be there for you And that the saviour didn't die for naught Nailed to the cross coz he loves you Rose from the tomb just to prove That the gap between you and the heavens Has been bridged in one marvellous move.


My mind is full of questions You have left me so confused You told me that you loved me Now those feelings you've abused Why did you stop caring Why did you let me go You've caused this pain inside me And the reason... I don't know! If you just take time to tell me I will try to understand Maybe we can work this out And again walk hand in hand I will always love you I can't imagine letting you go You're the one my heart beats for I had to let you know.


I once lived down in Cornwall Not too far from the sea A place with natural beuty That everyone can see The waves crash on jagged rocks As the sun beams on the shore I go there to admire The creations of our lord The gentle breeze that whispers past Will move some grains of sand Until gods happy with his work Upon this glorious land He made this for our pleasure So that we could always see His love is all surrounding He created you and me

Online friendship

I don't think I can help him But I'll be there as a friend I wish that there was someway That I could help him mend I know that I can lray in faith I'll let God do his work And onedy soon he will be free The pain will no more lurk What a smashing person His sense of humours great I can talk to him for hours We've stayed up really late Somehow we clicked together And formed a friendship new I hope that time won't break it As Thy work I have to do He says that he will write to me Yet I wonder if he will But i know that when I come home Together we can chill.

Long distance dating

I love it when you sing to me You seem to melt my heart I hope and pray over the years We never have to part Your voices soft and gentle you know just what to say And then you will surprise me In the most romantic way. You send me hugs and kisses The. 12 roses through the net You sing the sweetest songs to me I never will forget I hope we last forever I don't want to let you go Because my sweet, I love you Just wanted you to know.

Inspired by elder oaks fireside c.e.s

The time is passing quicker Life is rushing by And I'm still yet to find My tall dark handsome guy The counsel I've been given Is to move on with my life Stop looking for the perfect man Who will make me his darling wife Easier said than done though As I think of it each day Will I ever find a man to love In whose arms I long to stay I guess it has been written As my blessing tells me so I will meet my eternal companion As I allow myself to grow So I will do my duty And serve with all my might For one day soon I will be blessed And things will turn out right
I think about you daily You're always in my heart And now ivefinally met you I hope we never part I can talk with you for hours As time just rushes by I'm so glad that ivefiund you My tall dark handsom guy Now if you ever leave me Or we have to say goodbye I'm sure my haert would break in two And you would see me cry This prayer I hold within my heart Each and every day I'd for you to say you love me And together we can stay Hold me in your arms now Don't ever let me go Because my sweet I love you Just wanted you to know


Faith is like a little seed If planted it will grow Although it starts off very small It will increase you know It may take weeks or months or years But in time you'll come to see How seeds of faith if tended right Become a mighty tree


Kind,caring curious and calm we all know how to be Now listen to our savious voice, he says come follow me Oh we know oh to well What the savious wants for us, to Live our lives righteously and we know we must Eternl happiness is what I want but to gain it I must Do, all the things I know are right, I'm trying to are you? God knows that I will do my beat to live the gospel truth, and the Endless love from up above helps me to live my youth.


S is for study we do it each week E is for excitement as we sit In our seats M is for memory as we learn each card I is for inspiration whe we find questions hard N is for notes settle as val speaks A is for answers we give in each week R is for reverence we're suppose to be quiet Y is for youth when we all make a riot


The tears had stopped My cheeks were dry A friends was there for me I told him how I really felt I didn't know who I wanted to be I felt so much better After Sharing my inner thoughts The ache inside was taken After all that time I had faught Who knew that all I needed Was to talk to one who cared One who stopped to listen When no one else had ears Friendships are so special A powerful form of love Of this our father is aware And so sent you from above

Duncan p

My heart is Pained for you I'm sinking and weighed down I don't know how you're coping Inside of you must be a frown With this feeling locked deep in you With confuse, fear and doubt I'm sure your mind is screaming I'm sure you're wanting out Out of this situation Free from desires within Out of this sinking depression Away from this miserable sin Our lord our saviour loves you Despite the temptations you have He was sent to overcome them And again make your heart glad Your work isn't over You must pray each day and night Study the scriptures, go to church And try to choose the right You know these simple truths You've been taught them all your life Now put them into practice Let Jesus be your light We all go through life's struggles And each much choose to win Focus on father in heaven To wipe away satans grin You're stronger that you think you are You have Devine potential inside Please fight with all your might just now To swim against life's tide.

Gordon b. Hinckley

In memory of our prophet Who dies last Sunday night I write this heart felt poem To tell you of his fight He said we were in battle With Satan and his crew And we were on the winning side Although our numbers few He accomplished so much great work Building temples for our lord Giving us a focus A place to look toward I remember of his challenge In conference years ago To read the book of Mormon And see the blessings flow A proclamation went out In nineteen ninety five It speaks about the family And to keep certain values alive Sometime ago he spoke out Of modesty and trend He warned against the fashion And material things that would end Men are to have no pairings And women just one set Neither of you a tattoo That you may later regret Sound advice he always gave A message so Devine These words are Gods (I'm sure he'd say) I am but the mime The prophet I grew up with Died last Sunday night I write this heartfelt poem To tell you of his fight

Missionary life

The ups and downs of missionary life Is very hard to explain One moment you're fine And teaching with ease The next you're feeling quite lame You teach them the first, the second the third And you feel progression is fine Then they give you a call Or don't answer at all And you're dropped in a matter of time You pick yourself up And dust off the shoes You knock till your knuckles are raw Then come home elated Instead of deflated Your one new was the very last door!

Mr benfield

We met at a house in Mochrum His friends were mine aswell The wall family introduced us What he thought was hard to tell Polite conversation started With the occasional glance at the badge Ur still no questions of who we were Raised till after the meal was had We sat as strangers together He spoke of his life and his God I shared my own feelings with him Of how I found the iron rod He stopped to listen intently Focused on my every word The spirit was upon him I could see that he had heard I spoke of the resurrection And again proclaimed it's truth We discussed my whole conversion And how I was only a youth He accepted the book of Mormon Within him a desire to learn Despite the fact he's an elder In a church that already stands firm I'm thankful I could meet him Mr Benfield is his name I know his hearts been touched And he will never be the same.


Christ has been here he came for all He died that we'd be free From sin, from death and worldy cares Then live for eternity Because of his resurrection Weare loosed from the bands of death We will meet our father in heaven And may enter into his rest What reassuring knowledge And peace this brings my soul To know ill have a body That's perfect and made whole I'll meet my earthly family In the glory of god above If I but do my duty And serve him out of love My stay will the be granted I may rest from every care I know I will be happy For its been my only prayer.
Sometimes life can be quite hard The pain is very real But Jesus Christ can succour us He's felt the things we feel Every single heartache All hurt, temptation and pain Truly he knows how to comfort us And has power to stop the rain But at times allows the down pour That we may learn and grow As welcome to know him better We cAn see his blessings flow

Gods love

Words cannot explain my child How much I love you so I've sent you down to earth That you may study learn and grow Through my son is the only way That we may all be together Not just for a fleeting moment But to dwell with me forever All this on one condition That you follow all my ways The best you can while on this land Repenting all your days Accept your older brother And acknowledge his pain for you Then you will conquer sin and death And know this plan is true.


When I am feeling rotten I say a silent prayer That I may be watched over And kept in fathers care I read from holy scripture And blessings I've received I seek the inspiration That the heavens know I need Gently I am guided I feel the masters hand Bad thoughts and feelings go As I obey the lords command.

Goodwin DL

Feeling down and troubled You're at your lowest low The only way is up Thereis nowhere else to go For this you'll need a friend One to talk to, one who cares Speak with father in heaven He will answer all your prayers Pour your heart out to him Don't stop until you're through Then listen to the guidance He will surely give to you You're one of his own children He loves you perfectly Hell refine you in this fire Until you're who you're meant to be Trials are to help us This is only for your good Let God shape and mould you Just like he said he would

29 Aug 2012


This gift that comes from God above Was sent to each of us with love That we may use it as we strive To live a Christlike kind of life This precious gift will see us through When bad days come or we're feeling blue If hearts are heavy and heads hang low Use this gift and Let blessings flow Simple words to one who cares May free us from our worldly snares if we pray with all our heart Surely God will do his part.

Keep a prayer within your heart

No matter what you go through Keep a prayer within your heart Speak with Him our Gid above That he may to you impart When you lose a lifelong friend Your partner, mum or dad Keep a prayer within your heart Thank God for the joy you've had If you find your life is tangled And Your head is hanging low keep a prayer within your heart He will show you the way to go As you journey through this life And on adventures you embark Include the Lord hell guide you If you pray within your heart

Sister lewis

It seems like only yesterday You taught me how to chap When I was green and insecure About praying over a map With you I had my first teach And shared this truth restored I'll never forget those three weeks As I prayed hard to the lord You were such an inspiration What a tender heart you have The spirit worked within you To ease the fears I had To you I'm ever thankful For serving here in Perth When you could have been at home Getting hitched or giving birth!

Elder Fisher

You've been a strength you'll never know how much you've helped me learn and grow from good advice to a spritual thought I've learnt a lot from what you've taught Bold as a Zone Leader fun as a friend you made people laugh as you helped them mend thanks elder fisher for all you do good luck back in kaysville and remember, the chirch is true

Mission Mum Mary

Today is somewhat special for not so long ago our father sent you from above to serve him here below you knew of your potential a princess you can be as you journey on this joyous road toward eternity Mary you're amazing God needs your love and faith you will be blessed for all you do with his endless warm embrace We know you're someone special you're clay that God can mould we'll love you now and forever even though you're kinda old!

a missionaries day

Today the sun was shining so we went to serve a friend digging up here garden taking weeds so flowers could mend we walked and talked with kerry and formed a friendship ture then spoke about the gosple and how it makes us new then we met a good pal her name is Jackie Wright we read about obedience and how we seek Gods light mow we each are resting before it starts again i love being a missionary bringing peace to men.

Elder Betteridge going home

Sometime ago in Greenoch my heart was weighed with grief i didnt want to be here i prayed for some relief i cried before my maker i felt him comfort me my heart is now much lighter his pain has set me free i know without a doubt God hears my every prayer through scriptures or my leaders hes shown me that hes there my knowledge of our Saviour is deeper than before as ive served him here in Scotland ive come to love him more ive ended up in Johnstone for my sprint toward the end as i serve ill give my all for christ is my eternal friend.

Sister Cooper going home

Well you know I hate to say it but your time up here is through your mission seasons ended you have another work to do family and friends are waiting to greet you with a smile I'm sure part of you is eagar you've not seen them in a while. Cooper it's been a pleasure to work with you a bit I love your calming nature I've experienced on splits I know that you will miss this and the change may be quite hard but turn to Christ our Saviour who can comfort, help and guard.
My Lord, my God, my King, my all is there to help me when I fall I am not perfect nor can i be whith out this man who died for me his sacrifice has set me free so I can live for eternity in joy and peace with his above because of his eternal love.

can you see

The sun has risen from below and shines that some may see the glow the warmth that comes from every ray puts a smile upon my face for tears were pouring my cheeks were wet but now Gods son has here been sent to stop the rain that makes us sad and sends a glow that keeps ud glad

His name

His name wasJesus before he died he became The Christ once crucified his name ill honour all my days and strive to follow in his ways


There once was an Elder named Stainton who never made cookis just ate 'em he's getting so fat he has to cut back so us sisters are not gonna bake them!

Going home (kenny)

I'm tired battered bruised and warn but still my aching heart will mourn for one day soon I'll have to go and meet my family, friends and foe. I'd love to stay ad serve my king and reap the blessings that would bring I'm part excited to be going home to see ho all back there have grown This breaking heart I give to thee my Saviour from gethsemane this is what I've learnt to do my knowdledge of thee now strong and true I've learnt through trials, struggles and pain that you my friend can stop the rain if I but turn to thee in prayer I may be freed from every care my saviour prepared before he was born to be tired battered bruised and warn to feel the pain that i now feel I know through him that i will heal he took my pain while on his knees he loosed the bands of death for me im thankful I can turn to him and be rid of the grief within now as i go back home to live all time and talents ill strive to give for this is how ill pay back him my Lord, myGod, my Friend, my King