2 Oct 2011


My daily prayers
are for this hour
to be rid of sin
and feel Gods power

Repenting daily
helps me grow
toward haven above
my up most goal

To take thy name
upon me now
and always remember
I humbly vow

with this cup
I sip once more
help me be,
like thee, so pure

This bread I'll eat
to remember Him
who died that I
may conquer sin.


My thoughts are turned to thee this hour
as I pray help me feel thy power.
I sip the cup, eat broken bread
remembering thy blood for for me shed.
As I sit quiet and feel thy peace
I hope my faith will never cease.


I'm pretty sure
my ugly sin
will cause me
not to win
the prize thou has
in store for me
and so in solemn
prayer I plead

Help me stop
and put this right
I need thy love
I need thy light.
To guide each hour
to keep me safe
I long to return
to thy embrace


Run to Him that heals
be rid of the chains that bind
quickly repent of wrong doings
before you run out of time

None of us know the hour
of which the Master will come
so be ready today and tomorrow
do all that needs to be done.

Randy and Cob!

We may not be related,
we don't share the same blood
but the bond we have is special,
it's a different kind of love.

The feelings not romantic,
there's no flame that we share
but my friend I truly love you
and I know for me you care.

I can't explain it clearly,
I don't fully understand
the emotions that surround us,
this connection that we've found.

At times it makes things awkward
for potential lovers too,
they do not understand 'us'
or the things we say and do

I know in time our lives will change
we'll both find friendships new,
but I will smile when I look back
on the laughs I've had with you.