30 Aug 2012

Help me help

Help me love and see the good To lift thy children where i should Help me praise and build them all That they may notice where they fall I need they help for I am weak My mortal mind in judgement seeks The unkind word, the worldly deed The sad mistakes the pride and greed All have sinned including I I take this bread to purify I please for grace to save my soul As I work hard on thought control I shall be judged along with friends When mortality finally ends Again I plead for help from thee To calm my mind as thou calmed the sea Open my eyes to all that's good To lift thy children where I should


My nan would write her feelings In this rhyming form of art It seems a family talent A gift God did impart What an inspiration My nan has been to me Can't wait to show her Who I've become When we meet in the eternities I know she'll be so proud As she looks upon my life I'll strive to follow her footsteps A great mother, sister and wife Right now I feel close to her And long to see her face Oh the joy that will be ours Once I have finished the race Our family bond is special My mother, my nan and I Each accepted the gospel And for eternal life strive


If I think about her dying I end up in floods of tears How would I ever cope For the rest of my earthly years She's just one single person Yet she's helped me through so much She has always been beside me With her soft and gentle touch Now I watch her body aching The pain she tries to hide I know she's getting older Time isn't on her side I hope I will be ready When I have to say goodbye But even if I am, I know I'll still break down and cry.

Surfing friend

He often makes me ponder With his deep and spiritual mind This man is very humble And treats everybody kind As he returns home from his day job He likes to spend his time Inside the ocean blue Where his body can unwind He takes a board out with him And is gone for hours on end He rides the flowing movement Created by our friend


Know my saviour loves me That's why he came to earth To help me make it through this life He's been there since my birth Jesus watches over me His spirit guides me through I haveso many blessings I know his love is true Each day I strive to follow The plan god has for me So onedy I will live with him Through all eternity


The time is fast approaching When the tears will run for days Somehow I'll be confused And my mind in one big daze Not knowing who to turn to For comfort or advise The one for that is gone away And I'm left to pay the price I'm left with all the heartache For one that will never return Will I ever see her again... LISTEN my child and learn I hear a voice as clear as day Whispering here's what I have to say Remember the plan of salvation Remember all you've been taught Remember I'll always be there for you And that the saviour didn't die for naught Nailed to the cross coz he loves you Rose from the tomb just to prove That the gap between you and the heavens Has been bridged in one marvellous move.


My mind is full of questions You have left me so confused You told me that you loved me Now those feelings you've abused Why did you stop caring Why did you let me go You've caused this pain inside me And the reason... I don't know! If you just take time to tell me I will try to understand Maybe we can work this out And again walk hand in hand I will always love you I can't imagine letting you go You're the one my heart beats for I had to let you know.