19 Feb 2010


Shut him out!
Do not embrace
or listen to
the things he says.

He will corrupt
your heart and mind,
with his heavy chains
he'll slowly bind

Shake those thoughts
that bring you down,
and bend or break
your future crown

Ask in prayer
what you are worth
and seek your purpose
while on earth

Let the spirit
gently guide
with light and hope
to fill your mind

God will help you
as you focus thoughts
upon His son

mothers birthday poem

Many years ago this day
you chose to go to earth to stay
you jumped and sang with joy and glee
for the chance to grow then return to me
I watched the excitement on your face
and now i watch you run the race
I'm proud you've chosen to walk my way
you know I'm here for your each day
as you journey, learn and grow
I will never leave you alone
when birthdays pass and you leave that land
through the veil I'll take your hand
you'll be back home with me to live
the blessings you've earned I'll gladly give.

John 12:24

A corn of wheat fell to the earth
and now it sinks to find new birth.
Up it grows from way below,
the fertile soil helped it show.
We each must fall to rise again
like Jesus Christ who came to reign
He fell, was killed but now he lives
He showed himself to prove all this
and when I fall He lifts me high
I know for me our Saviour died.

Member work

Today we had Zone Conference
the vision has been caught
to work with every member
is what we've just been taught

Seeking for referrals
in everything we do
praying that the members
will confide in me and you

Hoping they invite us in
to teach from P.M.G
to build their faith in God
and allow them to be free

Then the harvest will begin
a prophets told us so
let us work together now
and see the blessings flow!


Sister Hogg is my companion
she serves me all the time
we have a laugh together
as we let our little light shine

I'm thankful for her energy
and everlasting smile
she has some funky glasses
that add to her unique style

she dances like a nutter
and likes to pick you up
but beware of her dodgy ankle
if it gives you're on your butt

I love this crazy red head
we are having so much fun
don't want it all to end
but our work will soon be done.

P-Day in Perth

The sun beats strong upon my back
I sit beside the flowing stream
the beauty of this new surround
was once a wish, a hope, a dream

Now I rest on rocks so firm
and hear the rushing sound
of all the dreams that i once had
that now my eyes have found

Nature in its beauty
brigs pleasure to my soul
as I take time to appreciate
who made this earth so whole.

New mission president

President and Sister Fredrick
we welcome you with cheer
so grateful for your trust in God
to lead you safely here

This time will be a challenge
some trials you will face
but Jesus Christ can help you
if Him you will embrace

Thank you for your sacrifice
and will to serve our king
think of all the blessings
the next 3 years will bring

knowing that you're called of God
we place our trust in you
and obey with willing hearts
the things you say and do

please know that you're respected
and honoured from the start
until our missions over
and we must sadly part

we are here to love and serve you
our full support you have
its gonna be a blast
with our new mission mum and dad!