13 Nov 2010


I will love,
I will serve,
I will follow
what I've heard.

I'll share my smile,
I'll help you out,
I'll ease your fears
and remove your doubt.

If it were I
you'd do the same,
and try to relieve
my every pain.

You'd make me smile,
you'd help me out,
you'd ease my fears
and remove my doubt.

you will follow,
you will serve,
you will love
and live what you've heard.

Backing off

You wish me to stop
and give you space,
let you choose
how to run this race.

How I ask?
Do I close my eyes,
hoping and praying
you'll win the prize?

Should I block my ears
as I turn my back?
Choose not to help
where I see you lack?

What would our brother
our saviour do?
Allow you to stray
until your out of view?

Surely not so
and neither can I,
for its him I follow
and shall till I die?

I'll calm my reaction
and try not to judge,
I'll lead by example
with help from above.


S hining way above
T oo many to count
A are beautiful balls
R adiant and bright
S tars!

10 Nov 2010

Autumn Leaves

The crispy leaves lay lifeless
beside the rough rocky road,
until a large lorry whizzed right past
with its wide and heavy load.

Each fallen leaf was speedily swooped
and swirled before his eyes,
to the howling wind the gold leaves danced
which left him quite surprised.

This beauty beheld amid the air
created a feeling of peace,
inspired thoughts flowed to his mind
then followed a masterpiece.

1 Nov 2010


My friend whose there
through the thick and the thin
who knows the Lord
and follows Him

My friend who has
a heart so strong
who flees from things
that appear to be wrong

My light in darkness
who shines so bright
and makes me want
to choose the right

My friend, you
are what I need
when I am down
on bended knee

our father sent you
from above
to cheer my soul
and feel His love.