29 Aug 2012

Going home (kenny)

I'm tired battered bruised and warn but still my aching heart will mourn for one day soon I'll have to go and meet my family, friends and foe. I'd love to stay ad serve my king and reap the blessings that would bring I'm part excited to be going home to see ho all back there have grown This breaking heart I give to thee my Saviour from gethsemane this is what I've learnt to do my knowdledge of thee now strong and true I've learnt through trials, struggles and pain that you my friend can stop the rain if I but turn to thee in prayer I may be freed from every care my saviour prepared before he was born to be tired battered bruised and warn to feel the pain that i now feel I know through him that i will heal he took my pain while on his knees he loosed the bands of death for me im thankful I can turn to him and be rid of the grief within now as i go back home to live all time and talents ill strive to give for this is how ill pay back him my Lord, myGod, my Friend, my King

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