30 Aug 2012

Mr benfield

We met at a house in Mochrum His friends were mine aswell The wall family introduced us What he thought was hard to tell Polite conversation started With the occasional glance at the badge Ur still no questions of who we were Raised till after the meal was had We sat as strangers together He spoke of his life and his God I shared my own feelings with him Of how I found the iron rod He stopped to listen intently Focused on my every word The spirit was upon him I could see that he had heard I spoke of the resurrection And again proclaimed it's truth We discussed my whole conversion And how I was only a youth He accepted the book of Mormon Within him a desire to learn Despite the fact he's an elder In a church that already stands firm I'm thankful I could meet him Mr Benfield is his name I know his hearts been touched And he will never be the same.

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