30 Aug 2012

Gordon b. Hinckley

In memory of our prophet Who dies last Sunday night I write this heart felt poem To tell you of his fight He said we were in battle With Satan and his crew And we were on the winning side Although our numbers few He accomplished so much great work Building temples for our lord Giving us a focus A place to look toward I remember of his challenge In conference years ago To read the book of Mormon And see the blessings flow A proclamation went out In nineteen ninety five It speaks about the family And to keep certain values alive Sometime ago he spoke out Of modesty and trend He warned against the fashion And material things that would end Men are to have no pairings And women just one set Neither of you a tattoo That you may later regret Sound advice he always gave A message so Devine These words are Gods (I'm sure he'd say) I am but the mime The prophet I grew up with Died last Sunday night I write this heartfelt poem To tell you of his fight

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