30 Aug 2012

Duncan p

My heart is Pained for you I'm sinking and weighed down I don't know how you're coping Inside of you must be a frown With this feeling locked deep in you With confuse, fear and doubt I'm sure your mind is screaming I'm sure you're wanting out Out of this situation Free from desires within Out of this sinking depression Away from this miserable sin Our lord our saviour loves you Despite the temptations you have He was sent to overcome them And again make your heart glad Your work isn't over You must pray each day and night Study the scriptures, go to church And try to choose the right You know these simple truths You've been taught them all your life Now put them into practice Let Jesus be your light We all go through life's struggles And each much choose to win Focus on father in heaven To wipe away satans grin You're stronger that you think you are You have Devine potential inside Please fight with all your might just now To swim against life's tide.

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