20 Jan 2010


My Saviour my Redeemer
my loving friend so dear,
throughout my life you've shown me
comfort, peace and cheer.

To thee I'm ever grateful
the words can not explain,
the things i feel within my heart
when i ponder of your pain.

I know you came to die for me
you're the only one that could,
your body battered, bruised and beat
they nailed you to the wood.

Before that in the garden
which we call Gethsemane,
you took upon yourself all sin
that man could become free.

Risen from your wounded state
you proved to all new life,
each will be resurrected
despite our pain and strife.

My destination, eternal life
to live with my family and thee,
I know that this is possible
through your pain in Gethsemane.

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