19 Jan 2010

Lesson 1 Restoration

In times long past
when this earth began
there was a prophet
in the land.

God chose a man
to hold His keys
who would obey
and work to please.

Many prophets
since that day
have come and gone
along their way.

Until the time
God sent His Son
Even Jesus Christ
His begotten one.

Good works He did
a church he built
then on the cross
His heart was stilled.

His disciples
in the land
spread the gospel
to every man.

Power they held
from Him above
they served him well
and out of love.

Each one was killed
and scattered before
this power taken
from the earth once more.

No prophets in
the land right now
the bible of
this story tells.

A time of wondering
in dark abyss
until the light
of Joseph Smith.

In 1820
he sought the truth
in a grove he prayed
with the faith of a youth.

A pillar of light
upon him fell
a grand experience
he starts to tell.

The Father and Son
before his eyes
taught him truth
for he was wise.

Full of hope
and answered prayer
he ran to all
this experience to share.

Most didn't believe
and mocked him to death
as a martyr he took
his final breath.

some did believe
and this church lives on
though the 1st prophet
of this time has gone.

The keys were passed
before he died
we have a prophet
to lead and guide.

With all my heart
i know it's true
and through a simple prayer
so can you.

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  1. Keep on doing what you do its a gift dont waste it xxxx