18 Jan 2010

Turn around

It feels right but you know its wrong
somehow you must learn to fight
all of the urges you have to reject
the spirit that's showing you light

It will not be easy for you to hold on
and walk the path back to God
but only destruction, sorrow and pain
come from letting go of the rod

This is the reason that Jesus came
to lighten the load that you bare
come unto Him I beg you to kneel
and seek Him in earnest prayer

Believe in Him the Son of God
who wrought miracles day after day
accept His atonement into your life
then watch Him show you the way

Imagine our father down on His keens
pleading for you to do right
hoping you'll follow the plan you once chose
that will lead you back into His sight.

1 comment:

  1. Candy!! You amaze me!! you are AWESOME!! talentful!! Full of love and the spirit of Christ! I LOVE YOU!!!! Keep on showing off what Heavenly Father has given you and you will keep writing poems that inspire EVERYONE!! :D xxx