20 Jan 2010


It's hard when you are young
and someone dear passes away,
you wish somehow that God would just
grant them another day.
As you try to understand
why this sad thing has to happen
your mind gets all confused
about the great plan of salvation.
And then you start to question
why it has to be that way,
now your heart is filled with love
as you hear your father say,
My child I love you dearly
and I love your Nana too,
shes resting here with me a while,
is that OK with you?
I promise you can see her
when your life on earth is through,
just follow my commandments
and she'll be sealed to you.
There isn't room upon the earth
for everyone to stay,
so ill look after your Nana
until the judgement day.
Don't let your mind be troubled
feel peace within your heart,
do all you can upon this land
and you and your Nana will never be apart.

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